San Diego, California

One of my favorite things to do in the whole wide world is to travel to new places and go on vacation. I absolutely love seeing what else is out there apart from boring ass OHIO. This was my first time visiting California, and what better city to go to than San Diego. I never thought I would like another city better than NYC, but this city is so relaxing and has everything I ever wanted to do, beaches, lots of shopping, great restaurants, and lots of organic foods. There are so many little beach towns that are close to each other. I completely fell in love with this city and everything it has to offer.


This is the very first day in San Diego, when the weather was shitty and rainy, but it was still beautiful!


This was one of my favorite beaches we went to and watched the sunset.


This is one of my favorite beach towns in San Diego, La Jolla. It has great restaurants, nail salons, and shopping. The beach is also amazing.


At the beach in La Jolla, there are a ton of seals that wander around the rocks. SO CUTE!



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