St. Elmos


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Address: 127 S. Illinois St. Indianapolis, IN. 46225

St. Elmo’s is a restaurant located in Indianapolis, Indiana. My boyfriend and our friends took a trip there just to visit this restaurant, plus it was on the way to St. Louis. St. Elmo’s is a steak house known for their amazing steak and shockingly their shrimp cocktail. The shrimp is uncooked with a really good cocktail sauce, which is a little spicy. The cocktail sauce is good on just about anything, and the recipe has been on the menu for years. If you visit this restaurant, the shrimp cocktail is a must. As for the steak, my boyfriend ordered a dry aged ribeye, and I ordered a filet. The filet was not very tasty, but the ribeye was amazing. The dry rub on it was so good and it was aged for months. The prices are pretty high, steaks ranging from $40 to $90, and all of the sides are al la carte. We also ordered dessert, a chocolate fudge cake, in which I ate all of the fudge off of. Did I mention the customer service is great too? The ambiance of the restaurant is very laid back, you definitely do not have to dress up to eat there. The restaurant was huge and it was definitely busy, so a reservation is a must at St. Elmo’s!



One thought on “St. Elmos

  1. Dimitri Kontoveros says:

    I had the dry aged bone in strip steak which I believe was a special at the time. It wasn’t the best steak I have ever had but it was delicious! It had a good char to it while still allowing the middle to be cooked at a perfect medium temperature and to my liking. There was a lot of flavor. I believe this steak was priced at around $55 and did not include a side. It was a little pricey but it was worth the experience. Overall I would go back and order the shrimp cocktail, as they are well known for and is the only featured appetizer. The sauce was delicious though as our whole table was dipping just about anything in it. I never bought the bottled sauce but I do believe they sell it at Costco if you want to give it a try! Overall I would probably rate this place 4.5/5. It had great food and the ambiance was unique.


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