Take a look at Groupon!

I am sure all of you know what Groupon is, it is a website based on selling products, vacations, and restaurant coupons at a very low price. For instance, you can buy a Groupon for a restaurant at $20, and it is actually worth $50 to use at the restaurant. In this way, Groupon is great, they have featured some good restaurants and some not so good restaurants, but you can do your research on what to buy. Keep in mind, most restaurant Groupons DO expire, and most restaurants will accept the price you paid for the Groupon, but not what the Groupon is worth after the expiration date. But who’s gonna wait that long to eat anyway?

As for vacations, I have a few friends who have bought getaway Groupons and they loved it. Usually the flight and hotel costs are included for long stays, with lots of extra perks. The nice thing about Groupon is they offer low costs for vacations out of the country, currently they have an all inclusive Bahamas stay for $749, flight included, and in my opinion that is a pretty good deal. I was considering some of the hotel Groupons that are offered on the website for Niagara Falls, because they had a lot of extra things included, such as restaurant coupons and wine tours. The prices were very cheap, but unfortunately the dates go quickly for these deals and we could not find our date. You definitely have to act fast when purchasing a Groupon.

As for products, or Groupon goods, honestly it just straight up sucks. I have had many bad experiences, with just a few exceptions. You just never know what you’re going to get, and in my opinion, I would rather not waste my money playing a guessing game. I have purchased batteries that were expired, jewelry that claimed it was real on the website but turned up fake, and it takes forever to receive their goods. If you are expecting a refund from them for their mistakes, expect to wait weeks for that to come in. Their customer service staff is okay, not the best, and I would say the refund for my batteries took over a month to receive.

The website is very well organized, it is easy to locate anything you want, and search for anything as well. The nice thing about Groupon is you have three days from purchase date to cancel for a full refund, and after that they can be pretty lenient on refunds if you contact them and be super nice!



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