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I am a huge online shopper, you can find so many unique items online at really great prices. It is not surprising for me to get sick of all the styles I see at every store in the mall, I feel like everything looks the same. Online, I can search for exactly what I want, and usually find it. The only aspect of online shopping that sucks is shipping, but with promo codes from websites such as Retail Me NotPromo Codes, and Val Pak, you can expect free shipping and great deals, on top of already great deals!

Here are some of my favorite websites to shop from for anything fashion.


Not the cheapest prices, but you can find awesome deals in the sales section, and a huge selection of unique clothes and accessories. They also have a large variety of home and gifts, which I absolutely love. My favorite item from ModCloth is their dresses, a little pricey but so much to choose from. Right now they are having something called “The Sweetheart Shop”, a ton of styles for Valentine’s Day! So cute!


This is where I do 80% of my shopping for clothes, they have the BEST deals I have yet to see online and sell awesome quality brands. None of is knock off, as I have ordered from here numerous times and have never been disappointed. Their clothes are true to their sizes, and their customer service is great. I cannot tell you one time I have had a bad experience with their customer service staff. Not only do they sell clothes, but shoes, accessories, house items, and other misc. things. you can find some pretty cool gifts here. The only downside to Zulily is it could take up to a month for something to be delivered, but it is well worth the wait.


ASOS is an awesome site with great fashion sense, I love their styles and they usually have great sales going on. At the moment, they have both men and women’s sales up to 70% off, CAN’T BEAT THAT! 😀

(I have a shoe problem)


Etsy is a website where individual sellers sell handmade items, anything from soaps to t-shirts and necklaces. I love this site because you can search for anything and most likely find it. A lot of the sellers will even customize something for you, such as a necklace or wallet. I love this website for homemade things and gifts.

I am currently in love with this necklace, the seller will customize it to match your birth stone and initial!

View This On Etsy



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