Black Legacy Tanning Lotion


Rating: little_pixel_heart_by_kawiku-d6ksnjhlittle_pixel_heart_by_kawiku-d6ksnjhlittle_pixel_heart_by_kawiku-d6ksnjhlittle_pixel_heart_by_kawiku-d6ksnjhlittle_pixel_heart_by_kawiku-d6ksnjh 5/5

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A five heart must!! If you are a tanner, I HIGHLY suggest Black Legacy Tanning Lotion. I have tried many lotions, and this is definitely my favorite. I used a free sample packet from my salon a week ago, and was tan after one use. I am still very tan a week later, it’s great! It is very expensive tanning salons, up to $160, do not buy it! Overstock is a great site to purchase from, only $45, but beware of sellers who advertise it on Amazon. Some may be expired, or a completely different lotion in the Black Legacy bottle. It is well worth the money and definitely worth trying, plus, any tanning lotion that does not make you go to the salon 7 days a week is always good.


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