Valentine’s Day Cocktails


Happy Valentine’s DAY! I’m sure my blog has made it obvious that I love Valentine’s Day, as cheesy as that sounds. I love all the decorations, the cute gifts, and of course candy that’s on sale the day after! Not only that, but who can say no to a good Valentine’s Day Cocktail? Here are some cocktail recipes that are perfect to impress for your Valentine’s Day date and friends, or maybe you’re a bartender and want to make your favorite customers some sweet drinks.


Rasmopolitan – Click here to view this recipe!

Yumm, this is a great twist on a cosmopolitan, as I love raspberries. A mixture of citrus and raspberry vodka, as well as chambord and cranberry juice make for a perfect cocktail. I usually leave out the simple syrup, but overall the drink is delicious.


Raspberry Chocolate Kiss – Click here to see this recipe!

Who doesn’t love chocolate and alcohol on Valentine’s Day? And who doesn’t love when both are mixed together? This is a sweet drink and super tasty, considering the rim is covered in chocolate cookie pieces – YUM!


Red Currant Champagne – Click here to see this recipe!

This is probably one of my favorite cocktails as I love champagne and raspberries, but mixing the two? Oh man, a party in my mouth, and a good one at that! This makes for a perfect Valentine’s drink as well, the color is gorgeous!


The Rose – Click here to see this recipe!

This drink looks simple, but is definitely dangerous because it tastes so good. I love its simplicity and amazing flavors. “The Rose” cocktail has three ingredients that make this cocktail great.


Coffee & Kahlua with Creme – Click here to see this recipe!

I love this drink as a breakfast in bed type of day or just a dessert drink after dinner. It’s a cute idea and I’m sure any coffee lover would LOVE this drink – it’s really just so good!


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