NYX Lip Lingerie Lip Stain

Rating: little_pixel_heart_by_kawiku-d6ksnjhlittle_pixel_heart_by_kawiku-d6ksnjhlittle_pixel_heart_by_kawiku-d6ksnjhlittle_pixel_heart_by_kawiku-d6ksnjhlittle_pixel_heart_by_kawiku-d6ksnjh 5/5

Lately I have been obsessed with finding lipstick that actually stays on, and luckily I came across these NYX Lip Lingerie Lip Stains! Luckily, the Ulta I shop at had some in stock, because they are sold out wherever I go! I was considering buying online, which you can HERE, but half the stains are sold out and I really wanted to see the lip stains in person. I love the colors, as they are a mix of pinkish browns, medium browns and dark reds. Usually I would not wear darker colors, especially dark brown, but I love this line and it’s totally let me break out of my shell! The nice thing about this lip stain is it stays on, even better than Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain line. I did some swatches on my hand yesterday, and they have still not come off – even after washing! I guess that is a good and bad thing, but I can’t complain because I’m sick of reapplying lipstick. The lip stains are very cheap for a lip stain that actually lasts, only $7! If you order online, you can get free shipping if you spend $25.


Here are just some of my favorite colors in the NYX Lip Lingerie Lip Stain line. Unfortunately, Ulta did not have Push-Up in stock, but luckily I was able to buy Ruffle Trim and Lace Detail.


I love Honeymoon, a darker brown that I would usually not go for but decided to give it a try. I love it, and lasts so long on my lips! I don’t wear a lot of eye make-up, so it’s nice to wear a lip stain that stands out. I also have Ruffle Trim, one of my favorite lip stains by NYX. It’s not too light and not too dark, a perfect middle!  Lace Detail is the third lip stain I tried that was in stock, it’s a lighter pink and is very subtle. This is a color I would usually choose, and I really love it.

Overall, the quality of NYX Lip Lingerie Lip Stains are great quality and worth the $7. I would rather spend $7 on a lip stain that works rather than $10 on a lipstick that doesn’t stay on. I do have to say that the lip stains are very matted, and if that is something you do not like, don’t buy the product. You can definitely feel the difference on your lips, and it is a little uncomfortable for some people once it dries. I do wish the stain was smoother on the lips, then it would be perfect!

The NYX Lip Stains on my wishlist now are Bedtime Flirt, Push-Up and Embellishment.




8 thoughts on “NYX Lip Lingerie Lip Stain

  1. Sabiscuit says:

    Beauty mark and honey moon are best matches for my skin tone. I appreciate your arm very much. I used to rely on these types of swatches before deciding whether to buy lip colour. Warm wishes. x


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