Mellow Mushroom Pizza

Rating: little_pixel_heart_by_kawiku-d6ksnjhlittle_pixel_heart_by_kawiku-d6ksnjhlittle_pixel_heart_by_kawiku-d6ksnjh 3 1/2 out of 5

Mellow Mushroom is a somewhat new restaurant (a few years old?) located in Rocky River, Ohio. There are actually other locations around the United States, so I thought this restaurant would make for a good review.

The inside is casual and nice. There is a huge bar which is awesome, although I have not sat there yet. The restaurant is really big and you are able to see the kitchen from your seat, which is great.

The menu is a bit pricey, with pizzas ranging from $20 to $30, I mean, really? I guess it’s worth a try if you love pizza, but for the price the quality of the toppings really isn’t worth it. First off, the only great thing about the pizza is the crust; it’s very soft. I was disappointed with the toppings, after spending so much on a pizza you would expect an overload of toppings on it, but not at this place. I’ve been here three times and I would have to say all of the pizzas I’ve tried were skimpy on the toppings, except for the veggie, which had pretty much every vegetable on it.

There is a wide variety of unique pizzas on the menu, such as the Gourmet White, Mega-Veggie, Mighty Meaty, Maui Wowie (yummy), and the Thai Dye. You can also create your own pizza, just like any other pizza shop. The restaurant also serves salads, calzones, hoagies, wings, and appetizers. As for salads, I have only tried the Greek Salad, which was okay; the dressing wasn’t good. Their wings are very good and big, if you get mild wings expect the sauce to be really hot!!

I love my pizza with a lot of sauce, and usually get a side of red sauce to dip it in. I love the red sauce they use on their pizzas. My idea of a good pizza is for the crust to be amazing as well as the red sauce. As I’ve said previously, I love the crust Mellow Mushroom uses and love that it isn’t greasy pizza at all.

So far, I have tried the Mega-Veggie pizza, as well as the Gourmet White, and Mellowterranean.



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