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LUSH Cosmetics Haul

If you are a follower of my blog, you know that I have been obsessed with LUSH lately, not just because they are all natural and cruelty-free, but because the quality is great. I’ve only been disappointed with some of their products which was the Volcano Foot Mask and a few of their lotions. I really love their toners, face washes, and masks.

Anyways – the last time I was at LUSH there were a few things on my wishlist that I wanted to try. I was able to get a few things, as some others were out of stock. I was also pleased to say I found something that I didn’t know LUSH had; dry shampo!!!


In the Summer my hair is extra oily, on top of it already being greasy all year round! My boyfriend has the same problem, so we both tried this dry shampoo in the store. It immediately made my hair more dry, obviously less oily, and actually added a lot of volume to my hair. I’m not sure if volume is a perk of this product, but it’s pretty good. I’ll review it once I’ve used it more!


Buffy Body Butter – this product is great and extra moisturizing. Of course I tried it in the store and it left my skin soft the entire day. I also tried a few of their other lotions and did not like them, which was disappointing as they made my skin super oily. This is a perfect balance.


LUSH Cinnamon Shampoo Bar, I’ve never used shampoo in bar form so this will be interesting. I have not tried it yet, but it does have great reviews for hair renewal. It also dries out hair, which I obviously need. It smells just like cinnamon, which is not something I would usually use. I’ll review once I’ve used it multiple times!

I was also able to take home a sample of face toner – Eau Roma Water, so far I love it!



17 thoughts on “LUSH Cosmetics Haul

  1. I just purchased a huge Lush haul myself. It’s hard not to love! I’ve found my face likes their totally natural cleansers and moisturizers a lot. I’d like to fill my bath tub in karma cream. hahaha. xx


    • Have you tried their bubble baths? They are so soothing and amazing, I slept so good after my bubble bath!!

      My face loves their cleansers and moisturizers a lot. I love their toners too!


      • YES! I am obsessed with their bubble bars, especially Karma, of course! I’ve been using the bath items for many years…it wasn’t until last year that I ventured in to the territory of all of their other products..I go through the vanishing cream, aqua marina, karma cream, daddy-0 (purple shampoo) & african paradise like mad. Most of their moisturizers are pretty pricey. Once I ventured outside the bath bombs and bars I can’t make it out of there without dropping 200.00…but I love it so much!

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      • Yes, they are expensive, but so worth it! I love their moisturizer, and actually have had it for a month and there’s still an entire jar left lol. I will have to try Karma, I haven’t yet, and I really want to try their bath oils. I have noticed their lotions are very greasy though.

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      • Totally. Karma smells SO good. I think the lotion in that scent is a really light one. I put it on when I’m still damp and it disappears in to my skin well..with the amazing scent. I’ve bought a couple of their bath oils..but they do not do much for me. I have one of those huge jacuzzi tubs in my bathroom…so too much water. I have super high water pressure so the bubble bars do great but the bombs and oils would require more than 1 at a time, to be very effective :/ Such terrible problems to have, right? lol


      • Hahaha, Right!? I love my long evening baths. My sister has fine hair prone to oil and loves the Karma shampoo bar. The ‘Lush Lady’ (lol) told me the bars are better for that kind of hair type and not so much my ultra thick, long, wavy hair that is drier and never gets oily. I douse my hair with oil! Being blonde though, I love their Daddy-O purple (bottle) shampoo, It’s way more gentle than other versions yet still tones great!

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      • You definitely wouldn’t like the cinnamon bar then as it dries out hair lol. If your sister is interested in trying something else the cinnamon bar works great to keep hair from being oily. I didn’t even know about karma products til now! Thanks!

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      • I will let her know! I have been in love with the Karma scent from day one! They have the perfume as well. I only have the solid version as for whatever crazy reason, likely due to an ingredient, Lush spray perfumes can’t be sold at CA stores…AND they won’t ship it here either. I’ve tried! lol


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