Voo Doo Tuna Sushi Bar and Lounge


I’m going to be a little harsh in this review because I literally felt sick after eating here. I was pretty disappointed in this restaurant because I do love sushi and seafood. I will say the ambiance and customer service was great. I really do like the inside of the restaurant and the bar, and it’s in a great location in Lakewood, Ohio. On Thursdays they have half off apps and maki rolls, which is great too.


Lets start off with the appetizers; they were extremely average and just not good. We ordered calamari and mussels, some of my favorite foods. The calamari was so mushy it was literally gross and looked like noodles! The breading wasn’t good and it was just falling off the calamari. The mussels had no taste, and neither did the broth they were in. I didn’t even like the pita that came with it, just didn’t go well with any of it! These are the only two appetizers I tried, so I can’t speak for the rest of them.


As for the sushi, we ordered four rolls; the Firecracker, Dragon, Crab Rangoon, and Pecan Salmon. I really liked the Crab Rangoon, it tasted like crab rangoon and I loved it! The other three rolls weren’t very good at all. The Firecracker was just too hot, the pecan salmon was a weird combination of pear and salmon in a sushi roll, and the dragon didn’t have much taste at all.

We didn’t order dessert because I just wasn’t in the mood after this. If I do go back, it would probably just be for drinking, not eating.

That’s all for now, hope my review helped anyone finding a new sushi restaurant to try! If you would like to subscribe for daily updates, go to the right side of the website and onto the menu!



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