ETNA Italian Restaurant Review

I wanted a good Italian meal for my birthday. I thought, hey why not try somewhere in little Italy in Cleveland? Well I didn’t know how disappointed I would be.  A newer place had opened in that area that I was interested in trying, Etna. I went there with a few of my friends to celebrate my birthday.


The environment was decent, very small and quaint. There were maybe 10-15 tables and in close proximity, making the atmosphere very cozy. The problem was they had 1 waiter taking care of the whole restaurant! This caused the service to be horrible. My table waited about 45 minutes until we got served a drink! They had someone bringing out bread and refilling water glasses, but no one was able to take our drink order or food order until 45 minutes later.


The staff looked so stressed and uncomfortable, but only one person even came to apologize. Then we finally got our food order and the food came out, and it was horrible. I ordered a salmon pasta dish, but when it came out, the salmon was chopped up and mixed in the pasta and it looked horrible. The salmon was overcooked, the pasta was bland, and overall the dish was not worth waiting for. I believe something happened with the staffing on this day and maybe this caused the food to be horrible, maybe it didn’t. But overall, nothing about the service or food made me ever want to go back to retry it. Etna, good luck to you but I say youre lucky im giving you 1 out of 5 on your rating.



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