Colour Pop Lippie Stix

Hey all, it’s been a long time since I’ve done a review as I’ve been so busy with school. I’m finally done with my first semester of graduate school, GO ME! I’m super excited to be taking classes that I actually have interest in and not having to worry about stupid classes like math. The past few weeks has been so stressful with finals and finishing assignments, and I’ve had the worst headache ever. Luckily I have an entire month off so I can review all the things I’ve been trying!

The first thing I want to review are the Colour Pop Lippie Stix. I’ve been wanting to try the make-up brand Colour Pop for ages now. It is an online make-up store with affordable products ranging from $4-$10. The great thing about Colour Pop is that it is cruelty free and they really strive to make great products that are not expensive. Free shipping is offered on orders over $30, and there is also a $5 off coupon when signing up with your email (you will see this when you go to the Colour Pop website!). With my previous order, I also received one free liquid lipstick for every $15 spent! So, I received two liquid lipsticks which were really gorgeous colors that I didn’t have previously.\

I did buy a lot of items from Colour Pop as I wanted to try an assortment of their products. I was able to try the lippie stix, ultra matte liquid lip, ultra satin liquid lip, and eyeliner. On my wishlist I would like to try their lippie pencils and blush, as they have so many great shades.

As for this review, I want to talk about the oh-so-awesome lippie stix! I had heard great reviews, but I really didn’t know what to expect. It’s really a hit or miss with cheaper products, as it is for higher end products too. Considering I got them for a great price, I wasn’t going to be that disappointed if they weren’t great, but luckily they are amazing.

The consistency is very creamy and EASY to apply! It really does moisturize the lips and you don’t need to apply chap stick beforehand (at least I didn’t). Unlike their liquid lipstick, it barely transferred while eating/drinking and I would say it was long lasting for the price. It isn’t a stain, but it does stay on for a long time, better than most higher end lipsticks!

I also love the shape of this lipstick, it is skinnier and just all around easier to apply. Sometimes, thicker lipstick is just not as easy to apply, but this really does the trick. Overall, I think it’s my new favorite lipstick as it’s so easy to apply on the go.

Another aspect I love about this line of lipsticks is there are a range of colors, from blue to pink, to brown to purple. It really does hit a wide range of personalities and occasions.

I love the colors “Lumiere” and “Frida”! What colors are on your wishlist?





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