50 Random Facts About Me

I’ve been seeing a lot of beauty bloggers do this so their followers can get to know the person behind the screen, so I thought it was a good idea. If you want to know more about the person behind SporkChop, keep reading!!

  1. My middle name is Mariah
  2. I grew up in Ohio
  3. My birthday is November 22nd
  4. My parents were going to name me Marissa
  5. I have two brothers
  6. I am the youngest
  7. I grew up around boys, my cousins, brothers….
  8. I didn’t start really wearing makeup until I was 20
  9. I’ve always loved watching make-up videos
  10. My favorite make-up to buy is lipstick
  11. I could live in sweatpants all day
  12. I love shopping
  13. It’s hard for me to save money
  14. I am OCD about cleaning
  15. My favorite color is purple and dark aqua
  16. My favorite restaurant is Tree Huggers
  17. I collect Precious Moments
  18. I was a vegetarian for 4 years
  19. I’ve volunteered for animal shelters in the past
  20. I’ve wanted to be a mental health counselor since I was 12
  21. I may go through more school to become a psychologist.. but I am undecided still
  22. I love sushi
  23. My favorite animals are dogs, elephants, and penguins
  24. My favorite season is Fall
  25. I want two kids, boy and a girl…
  26. I LOVE babies
  27. My favorite jewelry is necklaces and rings
  28. My favorite movie genre is drama and comedy
  29. My favorite actor is Ryan Gosling
  30. I would like to counsel criminals some day
  31. I want to travel the world
  32. I really love NYC and San Diego
  33. I’ve known how to code websites since I was 13
  34. I am 24 years old
  35. I’m a Sagittarius and a believer in Zodiac signs
  36. I don’t mind change
  37. My pet peeves are: hearing someone eat, crappy drivers, and 2 faced people
  38. I love dessert
  39. My favorite dessert is cookies
  40. My favorite thing to eat is fruit
  41. I’m more of a giver than taker
  42. My parents are not together
  43. I am Hungarian, German, and Indian…
  44. I mainly watch Hulu
  45. I love cooking shows
  46. One of my past times is reading funny memes lol
  47. I’ve been with my boyfriend for over two years
  48. I work on a mental health floor at a hospital
  49. I’ve always been independent
  50. I like change

I hope these facts let you know me a little more!! Until next time…



One thought on “50 Random Facts About Me

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