ColourPop Eyeshadow & Lip Review

IMG_4147From left to right, Cabana Bay, Sizzle, Kween, Sunshowers, My Jam, Top 8

Yes, I finally purchased more products from ColourPop and am super excited to try them all out! I did do some swatches and tested the formula on my hands, so I will give a mini review of the products I have.

First off, the matte liquid lipsticks are exactly what I thought they’d be; amazing. It’s the same formula as the previous matte liquid lipsticks I bought and they’re SO long lasting, they even stained my arm from swatching. I wore Sunshowers today and it lasted throughout the day of eating, drinking, etc. So far, so good! The color selection at ColourPop is also amazing, as there are SO many colors to choose from. The colors are so pigmented and I never need more than one layer.

The lip gloss, specifically My Jam, is a sparkly golden nude and is not as pigmented as Cabana Bay. My Jam is more sheer while Cabana Bay is more pigmented. It took me three layers on my lips to get the color I wanted with Cabana Bay. It’s a little sticky, but not very much. I wouldn’t say it’s as long lasting as the matte liquid lips and I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite lipgloss formula, but I LOVE the color My Jam.

I bought one metallic liquid lip color which is Kween, it is a marsala colored metallic with gold glitter. With just one layer it’s super pigmented and vibrant. This is the first metallic liquid lip I’ve tried so I don’t know how they are supposed to feel, but this formula is a little sticky, which I have to get used to.


From left to right: Girly, Tassel, Liberty

As for the eyeshadows, I have quite a few of the super shock eyeshadows in different colors so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed in these. They are pigmented, easy to blend, and creamy. The three colors I picked are packed with shimmer and are gorgeous. Girly is a creamy vanilla color with a hint or pink and gold sheen (very hard to see). Tassel is a true white with silver glitter, which everyone needs in their collection! Liberty is an ultra metallic silver, another need for any collection. Unfortunately, two of them came broken, one of which I can use and the other I cannot 😦 I am hoping their customer service is helpful.

I hope this review helped you if you are on the fence about buying ColourPop. I’ve been really happy with their products and am really excited the brand will be selling in Sephora. Let me know if there are any other products I should try from ColourPop!



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